Digital Rhapsody Services

Our services are simply answers to problems faced in the real word. If no one else has provided a decent solution, we will go out our way to try and develop something that fits that need effectively.

All profits from these services are plowed back in to creating interesting and different productions for our communities.

Currently Online

The currently collection of services that Digital Rhapsody supplies.

The deals, discounts & clearance search engine for Amazon.

A slight niggle with Amazon is that even though they have a page dedicated to browsing their latest deals, there isn't a way for you as the user to search the deals themselves. That's why we launched An easy painless way for users to search for a phrase or keyword in their local Amazon store - and ONLY the deals, discounts and clearance items are displayed. If the search comes back with "no results" - nothing is on sale with your keywords. uses the official Amazon API to retrieve the results returned. So the user gets the instant most up-to-date results directly from Amazon themselves. currently supports Amazon USA, Amazon UK and Amazon Canada. Support for more countries coming online soon.

Currently In Production

The Open-Source George Takei Appreciation URL Shortener

URL shorteners reached their peak in usefulness just before Twitter began encoding all links with its URL shortener. Up to that point, URL shorteners helped people tweet multiple links without using up their 140 characters. Today, every link in a tweet takes up a fixed number of characters regardless of length; using your own link shortener is now less important. Back then, was a popular choice. But here is the problem: some of these corporations are now censoring what they do and do not promote on their platforms. Censorship of any kind - no matter your political views - is never

Sources of interesting reading:

Meanwhile, there's still a benefit to using third-party link shorteners. For example, Google shows you statistics and traffic, and even generates a QR code for you to drive traffic to your link - but then of course you're just giving your data to yet another faceless corporation.

But then we remembered a video George Takei released back in 2011 concerning a "Don't Say Gay" bill in Tennessee. A video that proposed a simple message concerning the freedom of speech - and suggested ways to get around the new proposed censorship. Nestled within this video was a pure nugget of gold - a phrase that symbolises everything good about the freedom of speech and expression: "That's So Takei".

So Digital Rhapsody is building an open source URL Shortener based on this beautiful wisdom.