Digital Rhapsody Productions

Our productions cover a range of media from TV, radio, podcasting or video production - sometimes with a supporting website, but not always. To us, a Production can be one of two things:

  • One-off experiment style project that we are interested in creating to learn from
    These normally have either a specific goal and/or run time set out from the outset so everyone knows what we are hoping to achieve. To continue with our core ethos of being transparent with our audience, we run these "research and development" projects in the open - so together as a community we can learn from the results. These can be rough around the edges, but Digital Rhapsody passionately believes that we can learn more from our "failures" than we can from our successes - we won't know if we play it safe and don't try.

    Sometimes, it has been known that we continue these experiment projects as fully fledged productions if it's agreed we have stumbled on something cool and special through our creative process.

  • An on-going creative resource supporting a community
    Either a one-time project that has achieved "success" that has become extremely valuable to the community for it to be continued and supported, or a project from the beginning we know we will be answering a specific problem we have realised with our solution.

Currently In Production

The collection of lovely pixels that are currently in production.

Dirty Boxers Universe

(An almost) Daily Dose of Tongue-in-Cheek, Geeky Chic and The Proud Home of Rebels & Misfits.

The Dirty Boxers Universe is all about having fun, and building a community of like-minded people who don't take issues TOO seriously. Dirty Boxers discusses the world around us in an entertainingly foolish, tongue-in-cheek manner with Leigh’s twisted “common sense” views. The show is currently in it's 8th year, and through it's continued success, is solely the reason Digital Rhapsody ever came in to existence.

Dirty Boxers Universe consists of:

  • A Radio Show / podcast with a hugely passionate, dedicated and loyal audience
  • YouTube Channel of visual mayhem and silliness
  • It's own open source social media network & forums
  • There's rumours of a "activity and badge based" scheme coming soon

Currently In Pre-Production

Currently no logo

On This Day in History

A history based show that delves in to the history that happened on a specific day. This year long show will explore the good and bad times in history each day, for the whole year.

Currently no logo

30 Day Docs

Is it possible to create a fully featured, factually correct in-depth documentary in 30 days, focusing on a specific subject that is only decided on day 1?

Alt News

Alt News

Following a discussion on Dirty Boxers Show, is it possible to create a daily news show that uses open source media and resources that most governments freely distribute under "Creative Commons" licenses.
Currently very early in development, Alt News would be a 31 day experiment to demonstrate whether it is possible or not - and through our Production Notes - share with the community both the good and bad about what we learn from the project (hopefully also in real time).
We are hoping to run the experiment in October 2016 - but not confirmed.


An online news aggregator website that brings many different sources of material and content together in to one streamline news source. We use the latest YouTube API (version 3) and open source resources such as RSS feeds to achieve this.

Our goal is to create a place for professional, freelance and guerrilla journalism to live, so the user can create their own informed position on subjects and events. The site itself is politically neutral, however is willing to allow it's contributors to express their own views on the site.

This project is currently in beta, with plans to explain on the basic structure with a new radio show in 2017.