Terms & Conditions

At Digital Rhapsody, we hate small print.

Instead here are some clear terms and conditions that we work under as standard.

By commencing a working relationship with Digital Rhapsody, you on behalf of your organisation, automatically agree to the following terms and conditions. These are in addition to any and all terms you and your organisation may request Digital Rhapsody to adhere to, which have been sent in writing.


Digital Rhapsody is based in the United Kingdom, and is bound by the laws of England and Wales.

If we are in a international partnership, as standard, we only abide to the laws and customs of the United Kingdom. Any lawsuits or legal disputes, on either side, must be filled in the UK – either in Cambridgeshire or Suffolk.

It is your responsibility to ensure our products and services are applicable to your local country and/or region before broadcasting and/or distribution, and edit accordingly (see below).

All agreements must be made clearly in writing, and signed, before any works commence as under the Bills of Exchange Act 1882.

Time zones and Holidays

Even though we have ongoing relationships and productions all over the world, in many different time zones – as a British company, based in the United Kingdom, we only deal in GMT/BST. We also observe the national holidays, and the weekend culture of Great Britain.


As we are a true multimedia company, which owns thousands of hours of audio, video, media, web and print material – Digital Rhapsody takes copyright and copyright infringement extremely seriously.

Unless otherwise agreed prior to starting, all works are copyright of Digital Rhapsody, as under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. As a broadcaster / distributor you and your organisation are allowed to create promos / idents / bumpers (etc) to promote our material on your platform, however as common courtesy, we must have the final editorial decision.

If any “edits” to our material are needed due to a conflict with your local and regional customs, you must be given expressed permission from us in writing, before you do so. It is your responsibility as the broadcaster / distributor to do so. Digital Rhapsody, nor our brands, will take any responsibility whatsoever over any regional miscommunication or conflicts of translation through our material’s subject matter due your negligence.


If you have to cancel works with Digital Rhapsody, please give us the following notice:

  • For digital distribution / broadcasting / on demand partnerships, 45 days notice in writing
  • For a “Digital Rhapsody Alliance” project, 20 working days notice in writing
  • For a partnership / collaboration project, 7 working days notice in writing
  • For any and all other works, productions or partnerships not listed above, 48 hours notice in writing

Failure to give the adequate notice will result in you and your organisation being billed for the time.


As a British company, based in the United Kingdom, we only deal in Great British Pounds (sterling).

  • If we are working within a distribution model, all parties will agree a monthly anniversary date, where the balance is settled.
  • Any and all outstanding payments must be made before the commencement of Easter, Summer, Christmas and New Year “shut down” breaks (see below).
  • If we have to draw up an invoice to “bill” for works, then it is expected payment will be made within 7 working days.
    • Failure to do so will result in:
      • £50.00 fine per day the invoice is outstanding (after the initial 7 working days grace period) for up to 30 calendar days (this includes weekends).
      • If after the original invoice 7 working days grace period, and 15 additional calendar days (which includes weekends) the balance has not been settled, any continuation of works will be halted until payment of original invoice total plus fines are made in full.
      • If invoice total and fines total on your account have not been settled after 37 days (the original invoice 7 working days grace period, plus an additional 30 calendar days which includes weekends) from the date of the invoice, an additional £1000.00 fine will be added to your account, and then, legal proceedings will commence automatically to obtain the new full total amount. All legal costs will also be claimed back from you.
Disclosures & Promotion

Digital Rhapsody is allowed to discuss and promote any works we have done or are doing, as we see fit – as examples of work (for example). This includes, but not limited too: photos, video, verbal communications and social media. Any and all this additional media created will fall under Digital Rhapsody copyright ownership. As a client and/or collaboration partner are not permitted to use this additional material without expressed written permission, prior to use, and the payment of any additional fees, if required.

If permission is granted for you to also use this additional material on your own website / printed material / marketing resources, the following copyright statement must be used as a caption; each time material owned by Digital Rhapsody is used:

Used with written permission.
© Digital Rhapsody 2017, All rights reserved.

If additional materials are used on a website, disclaimer must by a working link to “digitalrhapsody.net”, opening in a new window / tab.

The use of any copyright infringements, without our expressed written permission, will result in a fine of £2500.00 per instance found, per month it can be proved it has been used without prior consent – either by date of publication data on the page, or using the Internet Archive “Wayback Machine” service. Both parties agree that those results are final.

On occasion we will enter a Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) if both parties are adhering to the same terms, and that once the anniversary of the agreement has expired, both parties are allowed to promote and discuss the works freely. However, Digital Rhapsody only works within NDAs if they are agreed prior to a project starting, and only on a project-by-project basis.

“Shut Down” Breaks

Digital Rhapsody has three 2 week “shut down” breaks throughout the year. These are times when no one is working, no communications will be answered, nor any works delivered.

These happen:

  • 2 weeks for Easter
  • 2 weeks at end of Summer – normally last week of August, first week of September
  • 2 weeks over Christmas and New Years

Last updated: Friday 12th April 2013