The Alliance

Being an independent producer, it is amazing – creating the material you wish to, finding and building an audience – and being honest with them. But it can be a lonely slog, never knowing if you’re doing ‘the right thing’ for you, your show, and of course your audience – plus always limited by your own skill-set.

Digital Rhapsody Alliance is a unique co-operative of talented, like-minded creators working and supporting each other to benefit everyone.

This concept isn’t new. Back in 1919 four leading figures in early Hollywood (Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, and D. W. Griffith) combined their forces and efforts together, forming their own company to better control their own work as well as their futures – calling it “United Artists”.

In this digital age, where it is easy to get lost in the noise, Digital Rhapsody Alliance is designed from the ground up to help independent creators to break-through the clutter. We aim to advance the interests of independent producers in an industry overwhelmingly controlled by mainstream media outlets. As a partner, you will also have access to proven technology, skills and experience to make your shows a success.

Our ambition with all our Alliance shows is to make them profitable independent entities – ensuring that our producers can do what they love, and we can support new talent. Put simply, if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.